Pipette Tips – Stacked Refill Racks, 1000µL, 80 Racks


1000 µL universal fit pipette tips, sterile, rack refill package, product contains 80 racks (each rack has 96 tips)

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CisNovo universal pipette tips fit most brand pipettors. They are manufactured from high quality and high transparency USP Class VI polystyrene. The design features of the tips provide tight fit that prevents leakage. The high quality material used to manufacture the tips ensure extremely low retention of solution and accurate solution transfer.

Product specification:
  • Product include: 80 racks of tips (each rack has 96 tips)
  • Tip volume: 1000 µL
  • Aerosol filter: no
  • Sterile: yes
  • RNase and DNase free
  • Non-pyrogenic
Product feature:
  • Color coded rack: 10 µL red; 200 µL yellow; 1000 µL blue.
  • Color coded tips: 10 µL white; 200 µL yellow; 1000 µL blue.


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