Vacuum Filter Bottle – 0.45 µm / 250 mL, case of 12

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Individually packed, sterile, DNase and RNase free, non-pyrogenic, filter pore size 0.45 µm, bottle size 250 mL, contains 12 units

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CisNovo vacuum filters are ideal labware consumables for filtering cell culture media, biological fluids and aqueous solution. Filter system are manufactured from raw materials of high transparency polystyrene. The system consists of a bottle top filter with blue PE adapter and a solution bottle.

Product specification:
  1. Product contains 12 units of vacuum filter with bottle
  2. Bottle volume: 250 mL
  3. Filter membrane (PES) pore size: 0.45 µm
  4. Sterile – sterilized by Gamma irradiation
  5. DNase and RNase free
  6. Non-pyrogenic
  7. Individually packed in plastic wrapper
  1. Filter unit is pre-attached to a bottle, easy to use
  2. Fast-flow filtration
  3. Chemical resistant and thermo stable Polyether sulfone (PES) membrane
    • Chemical resistant
    • Acid and Alkali resistant (pH range 1 – 14)
    • Thermo stable

Additional information

Weight 5.73 lbs
Dimensions 17.32 x 12.99 x 9.84 in


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